A Race Car in Show Car Clothing

Randy’s E46 M3

Randy’s BMW M3 is the result of taking everything that makes the E46 M3 an incredible car, and dialing it up. The car has humble beginnings. It was originally intended to be a daily driver, but like any enthusiast he couldn’t leave it stock. Randy works for the infamous tuner Eurocharged and is deeply rooted in the BMW scene. Parts therefore came easily, some bought second hand, and some came at minimal cost from sponsorships. The infamous matte purple wrap was done by Sekanskin – the same company that wrapped all of Deadmau5’s cars. The end result is a car that snaps necks at car shows while chasing Porsches around the racetrack.

Its fitment is perfection, a result of custom, two piece 19” wheels, coilovers with custom valuing and spring rates, and loads of experimentation. It would be easy to overlook this build as a useless stance build, but you would be wrong. The original S54 3.2 l straight-six made a respectable 333 hp from the factory. Using some sort of black magic in the form of ported heads, massive cams and higher compression, Randy managed to achieve around 400 horsepower. When you think in dollars and cents, this was a very expensive approach to adding roughly 65hp from an already high-strung powerplant. Forced induction could have added that sort of power for less than half the price, but at a cost of heat and unreliability. You see, this is not a pure show car.

Randy tracks the living hell out of this car and runs the local BMW chapter’s autocross series. He didn’t want to go out and lap for 10 minutes, just to come into the paddock and spend 20 minutes cooling down. He can beat on this car constantly. Also, being naturally aspirated means the torque curve is completely lag-free and incredibly smooth, pulling all the way through to redline.

The way this car rides defies physics. Despite the slightly stretched tires and insanely low ride height, there is zero rubbing, just loads of grip. From the passenger seat the car feels firm while being compliant and surprisingly streetable. Understeer has been completely tuned out, and oversteer is just a stab at the gas-pedal away. It’s worth mentioning that Randy loves to drift – watching him at autocross is a sight to behold, but he’s also an extremely fast driver. Weekends are spent either autocrossing or instructing at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park.

I was surprised to see paddle-shifters behind the wheel. This E46 M3 came with an optional single-clutch semi-automatic transmission, which is in essence a manual with hydraulically actuated clutch and shifter. The result is the ability to bang off the rev-limiter as long as your heart desires along with lightning fast shifts. Like a manual, you’re actually required to blimp the throttle on down shifts in order to downshift smoothly. Why the SMG? He owned a similarly radical manual E30, and wanted to try something new.

Stopping is phenomenal thanks to six-piston calipers all around, supplied by WPpro. These are the same guys who supplied the ceramic brakes for the Koenigsegg Agera R. Randy was the first person to receive these with their wild optional sawblade design brake rotors, which actually serve a purpose making them 6% lighter.

Randy’s M3 is a result of an absurd attention to detail and an unwillingness to leave anything untouched. However, like any build it isn’t complete; he’s currently sitting on a half roll cage that’s waiting to be bolted in. You see, Randy’s also the lucky owner of an 800hp Porsche 993 GT2 which he’s, starting to consider selling with the increasing value of air-cooled P cars. If that happens, he hinted that the M3 could progress into a far more radical track-build. Whatever happens to this fantastic E46, given Randy’s talent we’re sure it’ll be incredible.


  • Schrick 288/268 camshafts
  • CSL rocker, lifters & valve springs
  • Polished/Ported/decked head
  • Evolve CSL Carbon Airbox
  • MarkD “EAT-chips” Alpha-N
  • Custom 9000rpm ECU map
  • Stainless equal-length headers
  • Agency Power V1.0 Muffler
  • 200 cell & resonated section-1


  • HotBits DT1 coilovers modified with custom short-bodies & external reservoirs
  • Swift springs F:8kg/mm & R:10kg/mm
  • WPpro EX6 & L6 billet forged brake kit
  • 360mm “Sawblade” light-weight rotors
  • Titanium Pistons & braided stainless lines
  • Powerflex Subframe & RTAB Bushings
  • TMS F & R sway bars w/adj end-links
  • TMS subframe kit & solid diff mount
  • 4.10:1 Ratio – Limited Slip Differential


  • Kenwood KIV-BT900 MP3 Deck
  • DLS Audio Iridium 6.1 components
  • DLS Audio A7 “Big 5” amplifier
  • DLS Audio UR-12 subwoofer – 1.3SF
  • Axxess steering wheel interface
  • Innovate MTX AFR digital gauge
  • Blackvue DR600GW-HD wifi track-cam


  • BC Forged HB29 custom wheels
  • Front- 19”x 9.5” ET30
  • Rears- 19”x 11” ET20
  • Bridgestone Potenza RE-760 Sport
  • Front- 235/35-R 19
  • Rears- 275/30-R 19


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